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On the left in a circle, a black woman is concentrating on writing in a notebook. Next is the You Me Us project logo which is a blue circle with hands of different skintones around it. In the centre of the circle are the words You Me Us. To the right in a circle frame is a older white man with grey beard. He is talking to someone on a mobile phone. He is smiling as he is talking.

Want to get involved with our You Me Us project but you’re too busy? 

Good news – you can!

Some of our You Me Us groups offer a mini version of the project, You Me Us Lite, that needs less time commitment so you can take part.

Find out how below or contact us at for further info.


Storytelling and mixed arts – Drawing on Wisdom

Download Activity Sheet: You Me Us Lite – Drawing on Wisdom.docx (152KB)

You’ll be taking stories from older members of the community and making art about it. You could make a poem, a collage from magazines, a drawing/painting or a song. You’ll find the stories on our website and you can send us what you make – we’ve put the ways to share at the bottom of this activity sheet.

  • #YouMeUsWisdom


Poetry and spoken word – Lifelines to Link Us 

Download Activity Sheet: You Me Us Lite – Lifelines to Link Us.docx (151KB)

In this group you’ll work with local poet Dan. You’ll be making poems to create a collection of all the groups work. Dan is making activity sheets and making a crowd-sourced poem based on suggestions from the group.

  • #YouMeUsPoetry


Photography and mixed arts – An Outside Space

Download Activity Sheet: You Me Us Lite – Outside Space.docx (148KB)

You’ll be drawing/painting, taking photos, making collages or music inspired by what you like outdoors. It could be something on your daily walk, while you’re shopping, or in your garden. Each week there’ll be a weekly theme to help inspire you.

  • #YouMeUsOutside


How to get involved:

Our website:

Download our Activity Sheets


Send us what you’ve made. Our address is;
Ideas Test,
Room 5,
5a New Road Avenue,

Social Media

Share your work with us using these hashtags;
  • #YouMeUsMedwaySwale
  • #YouMeUsWisdom
  • #YouMeUsPoetry
  • #YouMeUsOutside
Our social media accounts are;

You Me Us Facebook Group

Join our  You Me Us Medway and Swale’ Facebook Group.

  • Share what you’ve made


Contact Project Manager, Kasia at
  • Ask Kasia any questions you might have
  • Digital worksheets
  • Share what you’ve made


Call, message, or text 07387 842524.
• Send any questions you might have
• Share what you’ve made



Our Project Manager email:


WhatsApp/Text/Voicemail: 07387 842524


You can find more about You Me Us by visiting our FAQ page: Frequently Asked Questions


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