You Me Us – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Want to know more about our new project, You Me Us?

Here’s our You Me Us FAQ pageFrequently Asked Questions – that will help you get to know more about the project and how you can be a part of it!

What is You Me Us?

You Me Us is Ideas Test’s project to reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation in Medway and Swale through creativity.


Who is involved with You Me Us?

Ideas Test is the arts charity who came up with the idea for the project and are managing You Me Us.

Local voluntary organisations Medway Voluntary Action (MVA), Swale Community Voluntary Service (SCVS) and wHoo Care (based on The Hoo Peninsula) are our partners and friends in helping You Me Us happen.

We’re also working with a number of friends and local organisations to get the word out to people in our community.

You Me Us was funded by Arts Council England and the Department of Culture Media and Sport. Additional funding came from Kent County Council.


Who can take part?

Anyone over 18 who lives in Medway or Swale.


How much is it?

Absolutely free!


Do I need a computer to take part?

Not at all. Any online sessions are also available over the phone and we can also post activity sheets out to you, or you can pick one up from one of our local collection sites (locations will be confirmed soon).


How do I take part?

You can take part by getting in touch with Kasia by the end of April 2021.

You can email or call, text or leave a message on 07387 842524 and Kasia will get back in touch with you.

You can also take part by filling out our sign-up form here: You Me Us sign-up form

All registration information is confidential and will only be used to contact you and for project evaluation.


What is involved?

We are working with 4 amazing local artists who will help you to get creative and meet other local people in small activity groups. The groups will meet 3 or 4 times between April and June either online or over the phone to connect, create and share.


What kind of things will I be doing?

That’s up to you. Our artists will be working in 4 areas:

  • Storytelling and drawing
  • Poetry and Creative Writing
  • Photography, Drawing, and Sketching
  • Singing and Music

When you sign up you will be asked which one of these groups you’d like to join.

Full details of what the groups will be doing will be on our website very soon.


How long will You Me Us take?

Each group will meet 3 or 4 times between mid April and mid June. Specific dates will be confirmed by your group artist when you join up.


Do I need to know how to sing/write/draw to take part?

No you don’t. You could have an interest in telling stories, or like to sing when you’re washing up. Or you can never have tried it at all.


Can I share what I make on Social Media?

Yes! The project hashtag is #YouMeUsMedwaySwale. You can also tag us in your social media posts

On Instagram we’re @ideas.test
On Twitter we’re @IdeasTest
And you can also share your creations on our You Me Us community Facebook Group.


I would like to sign up to You Me Us but I work/have dementia/have caring responsibilities/have access requirements. Is there a way I can still take part?

Yes, we have You Me Us Lite – a light-touch version of the project that means you can still take part but don’t have to join the regular groups.

You can email Kasia at if you have any questions about You Me Us Lite.

Another way to get involved is to join in with our You Me Us community Facebook Group.


Can I join multiple groups?

Sadly, no. So that we can reach out to as many people as possible, you can only join one group. However, most of the groups also have a ‘Lite’ version so you can still join in with the activities, even if you’re not going to the group itself.

You can also join our Facebook Group too.


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