Meet the You Me Us artists

On the left in a circle, a black woman is concentrating on writing in a notebook. Next is the You Me Us project logo which is a blue circle with hands of different skintones around it. In the centre of the circle are the words You Me Us. To the right in a circle frame is a older white man with grey beard. He is talking to someone on a mobile phone. He is smiling as he is talking.

In March 2021, a community panel made up of people from Medway and Swale and local organisations and community members chose 4 artists to lead groups for our You Me Us project

Find out more about our 4 You Me Us artists and their projects below.


Anil Sebastian – Telephone Choir



My project in one sentence: One-to-one call and answer singing on the phone!

Anil says;

We all have a voice – and your voice is unique to you. It’s yours to explore, express yourself with and enjoy. Music is in all of us and it is a way to come together. I hope this project will allow us to feel more connected to our own voices and to each other.”

• Find Telephone Choir on social media: #YouMeUsChoir

Anil’s Website


Dan Simpson – Lifelines to Link Us

Poetry and Spoken Word

Photo of Dan Simpson. Dan is a white man with a beard. He is standing in front of a microphone with a black background behind him. He has his arms up in mid performance of a poem.
Photo c/o Dan Simpson

My project in one sentence: Connecting people through the experience of writing and sharing words from lockdown.

Dan says;

“Throughout lockdown I’ve seen the impact of writing to connect communities. I’m excited to use the power of poetry and spoken word in Medway and Swale, empowering people to express themselves and hear each other. Creatively sharing experiences can only bring us closer together, beating loneliness and isolation through the words that link us.”

• Find Lifelines to Link Us on social media: #YouMeUsPoetry

Dan’s Website


Sophie Stone – an outside space

All and any forms of art, e.g. painting, music, audio recordings, video recordings, poetry, stories, written accounts, descriptions, drawings, photographs.


My project in one sentence: an outside space is a project focused on connecting with the outdoors and sharing these experiences through creativity.

Sophie says;

an outside space is about thinking beyond the inside of our homes and to see the beauty of the outdoors that we see every day. an outside space is a project that encourages people to engage with the outdoors and to share these experiences creatively. The past year has been incredibly difficult and one way that I have coped is by doing this activity every day, and I am grateful to be able to share this with others.”

• Find an outside space on social media: #YouMeUsOutside

Sophie’s Website


Hannah Whittaker – Drawing on Wisdom

Writing, Storytelling, Drawing, Painting, Collage

A black and white photo of Hannah Whittaker. Hannah is a young white woman with long mid-colour hair. The photo shows her head and shoulders. She has a smile on her face. The photo was taken by Greer McNally.
Photo: Greer McNally

My project in one sentence: Drawing On Wisdom is a community storytelling project to creatively share experiences and wisdom.

Hannah says;

“Everyone loves stories – they provide escapism, empathy, wisdom and connection. But we often overlook those around us as a source for such stories. My hope is that this project will be a platform for sharing the wealth of experience that those in our community have to offer.”

Find Drawing On Wisdom on social media: #YouMeUsWisdom

Hannah’s website



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