Who We Work With

Ideas Test works with a wide range of organisations from local councils to other arts organisations to community groups and local businesses.

But the most important are the people we work with in communities across Swale and Medway.


We’ve chosen to focus on 3 target groups to reach a wide range of people in the communities we work in.

These are;

  • Families
    We bring free and low-cost activities to families who often feel isolated and not a part of arts and culture.
    Families can come in all types and sizes. They can find it difficult to find activities that bring them together while being affordable.


  • Young People
    Young people are the future of our communities.
    Many lack the chances to experience the life-changing moments that theatre, music, dance, art and creativity can bring them. They also don’t have so many chances to develop a creative career without moving away from their communities.
    We want to change that by giving them those opportunities by giving them pathways and tools to so they have a place in the future of Medway and Swale.


  • 55+
    People over 55 can often feel overlooked by society despite their knowledge and experience.
    We want to give these people the chance to see that they still have a lot to give their local area, to improve their wellbeing, to share their skills and experience with other generations and even learn a new thing or two themselves.


We know that people don’t always neatly fit into our target groups and they often overlap.

Older people are often essential parts of their families’ day-to-day lives. Young people can have families of their own or still be living in the family home as young adults.

We also know that Medway and Swale has a wide range of different communities, with differences in race, religion, disability, class, gender and sexual orientation.

As an organisation, we aim to amplify those voices in communities that don’t get heard as often in every project we do.