What We Do

A group of members of the public and Ideas Test staff under a blue Gazebo. To the left are two tables covered in ocean patterned tablecloths. The Idea Test team are wearing striped shirts and have paper hats on in bright colours.

We work to develop a lively and innovative arts and culture scene across Medway and Swale. We involve people from across all walks of life and communities while helping to bring new chances to celebrate the area.

We do this by:

  • Working together with partners across arts, culture and community organisations.
  • Developing new partnerships with groups and communities
  • Working together to create more community cohesion so people feel included in their communities and part of what we do.
  • Helping local and national organisations develop their creative output and to try new things in new neighbourhoods.
  • Giving people in our community the power to shape the projects we do. Examples include working with them to commission artists or to co-create projects that celebrate their communities and history of where they call home.
  • Removing barriers that prevent people from taking part.
    Regardless of where you live in Medway or Swale, how much you earn, your age, class, race, sexual orientation, education, gender, disability or neurodiversity, you are welcome at Ideas Test
  • Developing the skills of people we work with whether they are organisations, artists, freelancers or participants in working in the creative sector.