Walk Swale and Medway

Faversham based photographer Hope Fitzgerald, a small experiment grant recipient from Round 3, will be taking an extended walk (of 2-3 weeks duration) around Swale and Medway.

Hope Walk4

By finding out more about where she lives and sharing her experiences with the people she meets, she’ll inspire others to interact with the project, and the people who become a part of it.

Photography through social media will be the ‘real time’ outcome of the project, and will combine with an ongoing record on a dedicated blog, including people encountered on route. It’s a human centred activity – the media in which it is shared isn’t the substance of the project: The substance is the action and interaction.

Hope Walk SwaleMedway

Using the Twitter trend of hashtagging with #walkswalemedway, Hope is keen for people to get involved in a number of ways. She says: “Those already walking in Swale&Medway are invited to share experiences, while others can share part of the walk, sponsor an overnight stay or walk together visiting group locations on route. Or, they may be encouraged by the social media activity to do something similar of their own, in their own area.”

Hope Walk 2

Hope anticipates Walk Swale Medway providing a number of benefits:

  • A platform to share pride and love of place and home
  • A reason to take notice
  • Connecting with others – being part of something larger
  • Increased knowledge of local area and lore
  • Improved mood – mental health benefit

The website is at www.walkswalemedway.co.uk Current writing (of which WSM will be an extension) is at www.letterfromfaversham.co.uk

You can view more of Hope’s pictures at http://instagram.com/hopefitzgerald2

Hope Walk3