Thunderstruck Theatre Presents: The Game Show

November 24 @ 9:00 pm – 9:45 pm, Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Come and see Thunderstruck Theatre, masters of bringing joyful theatre to surprising places on Tuesday 24th November at 9pm, at Man of Kent pub in Rochester! 

The Game Show is a piece of short, fast-paced theatre, woven through the structure of a pub quiz. Dr Vivian Matair (PhD) needs a mate; his old mum needs him out of the house before his new dad moves in. What better way to find love than through a meticulously calibrated series of tests? Win the quiz and you win his heart.

Free to participate as part of a pub quiz team, or just come along and watch!

If you miss it, the FINAL show is on Tuesday 1st December at 8.30pm at the Two Brewers pub in Rochester (ME1 1JS).