The Stairwell Gallery: FOCAL Collection by Fable & Base

Exhibition open Tues – Fri 11am-4pm & Sat 10am-3pm until 30 April.  Exhibition Closed Mondays & Sundays

FOCAL Collection – Designs from an Estuary Wilderness, forms a new way of designing for Kent textile company Fable & Base and this exhibition of prints reflects such creativity.

From its heart in the garden of England, steeped in maritime history and as the home of the National fruit collections Swale has been a rich source of inspiration.

Across the expanse of beautiful marshland at Elmley and the open skies and mudflats of Oare Nature reserve we have explored the local surroundings and heritage through workshops and foraging walks. Participants have been able to observe and record nature, colour, shape and pattern and these ideas have then been translated onto fabric using traditional screen-printing techniques using low toxic dyes onto high quality linen fabrics.

Our ethos is to connect with the community and local environment, to explore new areas of inspiration and share the making process through collaborations & workshops. We take a slower approach to textile production, allowing us to embrace the landscape by creating a cloth which tells a story, celebrates local traditions and raises awareness of provenance. We promote sustainability whilst giving people the confidence to explore their creativity through traditional skills. – Fable & Base.

The Stairwell Gallery is a platform for local artists, who have been supported by Ideas Test, to showcase their work as part of a curated programme of monthly exhibitions opening on the first Saturday of every month. A complementary series of talks and workshops open to all provides an opportunity for both artist and audience to gain a greater understanding of the work.