I recently hosted a live show at Invicta Social Club in Luton and it was so much fun. Of course, I could not have done it without Ideas Test who supported me throughout. 

I had never considered myself an artist until a few years ago when I moved to Medway and created the “bonkersness” that is Rubbish Snooker. Put simply, I have an all-weather outdoor snooker table in my garden and I detest litter so if I see it, I pick it up (litter, not the slate table). But just where I got the notion of making mosaics out of littered lids and ring-pulls on the table, nobody will ever know. Because if I am honest, I am not really sure. 

So to Saturday 6th April, 2024. With my background in stand-up comedy and broadcasting, I was keen to put on a live show all about the art. The first part of it saw me discuss what is behind Rubbish Snooker while telling fun anecdotes about the strange things I have found (including cans from the 1970s). It went down well and interval beverages were enjoyed. 

However, the second half had slightly more “bonkersness” on offer. With the help of two friends, Dan and Jonathan, earlier in the day, I filled the club’s 12ft full-size snooker table with a lid mosaic of the world atlas. We started at 10:30 am and finished around 3 pm. 

Why did we do this, you ask? Well, as part of the show, I invited members of the audience to take on a potting challenge atop the mosaic. A hard task indeed but made a great deal harder because the one ball required to pot was, in fact, broken having been found littered in Walderslade by Jonathan. The ensuing chaos as brave players tried to send the ball across continents and oceans into a pocket left the audience in fits of mirth. In particular, when a protruding sports cap lid got in the way like one of Earth’s great mountain ranges.

Ultimately, I hope that I changed a few people’s thoughts about litter and plastic waste. Asking audience members to suddenly start litter-picking in their spare time is a tall order and not one I push forward. All I ask is that people acknowledge the litter and see it as the issue it is. This, I have found, can be a very powerful deterrent.

I hope to do more shows in the future but, in the meantime, you can see all of my mosaics here available on 12” and 20” eco canvases. You can also follow on Instagram to see all the latest updates.