The Cache Dressmaker

Jane Pitt tells us more about Nicola Flower The Cache Dressmaker.

500 deliberately concealed historical garments and objects, revealed as a building in Sittingbourne was demolished, inspired Nicola Flower’s (aka The Cache Dressmaker) installation of hand made miniature garments and objects on show at No.34 throughout July.

Nicola Flower uses drawing, textiles, installation, film and photography to explore and interpret her ideas. She immerses herself in community settings to inspire and make her work. She has worked with Sittingbourne Blind Fellowship and Sittingbourne Heritage Museum to research this particular body of work.

This curiously large cache of old garments and objects was found a few doors down from No. 34 and revealed throughout the house under the floorboards, up the chimneys, in bedroom walls and door frames as the building was being demolished.

The Cache Dressmaker will be resident on the Stairwell at No.34 between 12-16th July, making tiny garments to conceal for good fortune in the fabric of the building. Caches in buildings used to be very common, once the life of a garment had come to an end it would take on a protective and magical property, the more personal the object the more potential it had. The concealment of objects still goes on today but people are reluctant to talk about it.

Meet The Cache Dressmaker on Saturday 16 July, bring your own small pieces of pre-worn clothing or fabric to conceal in her sculptural installation of ‘model buildings’ between 11am-2pm.

Nicola’s installation explores how rooms and domestic spaces silently witness the passage of time, how the traces of garments bear reference to their previous life. The Cache Dressmaker’s craft is a symbolic act of patience and precision, where ideas are embroidered.

The Cache Dressmaker exhibition is in The Stairwell Gallery 2 July – 6 August