You Me Us 2021: Telephone Choir – Anil Sebastian

Anil is a smiling person who is wearing a yellow beanie hat and a blue shirt with a black top underneath. They are sitting on a black sofa and have a red artwork behind them. On Anil's shoulder is a very fluffy grey tabby cat who is looking at the camera.
Anil Sebastian, Songwriter

In March 2021, a community panel chose musician Anil Sebastian to be one of 4 artists to lead groups for our You Me Us 2021 project.

We all have a voice – and your voice is unique to you. It’s yours to explore, express yourself with and enjoy. Music is in all of us and it is a way to come together. I hope this project will allow us to feel more connected to our own voices and to each other.”

Anil Sebastian

Telephone Choir sessions

People joined Anil to make music together over the phone – using only their voices!

They explored and played with voices using an easy ‘call and answer’ game.

Those who took part didn’t need any previous singing experience. It was all about expressing yourself in the moment through some easy and fun games.

Anil will recorded parts of the call and joined people singing together to make a beautiful piece of music with all the voices of the people who took part.

Telephone Choir – Finished Music

You can hear the finished song – called You Me Us – on Soundcloud (link will take you to the Soundcloud website)

• Find Telephone Choir on social media: search #YouMeUsChoir

About Anil

Visit Anil’s website and find out more about their work:

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