Wendy Daws – Enbosu Drop-in Activity

This September artist Wendy Daws is exhibiting her new works – Embosu – at No.34. On Saturday 16 September, between 11am to 2pm, there’ll be a ‘hands-on’ activity session with Wendy, using embossing foil to make your own tactile artworks to take home.

Enbosu – new work by Wendy Daws

Wendy Daws new art work Enbosu (‘to emboss’ in Japanese) explores the concept of memory and interpretation through touch.  Enbosu is a rare tactile, texture rich exhibition.  You are actively invited to touch and feel the work.   The marks made by your fingers give the work new life, adding a layer of story to its existence. It gives us a unique insight into Wendy’s fascination with materials, and her interest in sight loss and the experiences of visually impaired artists.