Swale and Medway residents to benefit from creative networking project

Ideas Test is pleased to announce the launch of Kent Creative Live Swale and Medway, a support network for artists, art organisations and creative individuals and businesses.

Kent Creative Live Workshop 28th June 2013

The programme will start on Tuesday, January 14th 2014 and go on for 9 months, with events in Chatham, Faversham, Rochester and Sittingbourne.

Kent Creative Live helps creative professionals develop business skills and connections, enabling them to become more self-sufficient and achieve their goals. The aim is to nurture a more business like outlook, vital for their survival, and which will strengthen the professional creative community as a whole.

Thanks to funding support given by Ideas Test, the whole programme – comprising nine workshops and eight meet-ups – is a unique opportunity for creatives to grow their practice at the very affordable rate of £112, extraordinarily good value at just £6.59 per three hour session.

Kent Creative Live includes a series of practical and participatory workshops presented by experienced professionals, to improve the skills required in running a creative business. The workshops will cover business planning, project evaluation, marketing, money management and legal issues, all tailored to creative practitioners. The workshops are available to residents of Swale and Medway only.

2013_05_24_KCLiveIt will also include meet-ups to talk to and exchange ideas with like-minded people, to develop relationships and get feedback from peers on specific projects, as well as opening up opportunities to build new relationships.

Nathalie Banaigs, Project Manager for Kent Creative Live, said: “Group interaction is key for the attendees at both types of event, to receive support from peers and professionals – especially valuable for those who work alone. The feedback we’ve received from previous, similar events means we’re confident that creatives from both Swale and Medway will gain valuable knowledge from their attendance, which they can apply to their practices with confidence.”

Existing members of Kent Creative Live agree, with artist Frances Beaumont saying: “I have benefitted enormously from joining. It has given me a direction and confirmed my purpose to be a practising artist.” Illustrator Mark Thatcher said: “The guest speakers and business workshops are interesting eye openers to the financial, copyright and social media stuff that I otherwise avoid even thinking about!”

For full details about the programme and to book your place, please visit the Kent Creative Live website or contact Nathalie on 01795 597 576 or email: info@kentcreativelive.org

2013_10_25 Kent Creative Live Workshop on Writing

Ideas Test is inspiring residents in Swale and Medway to take part in and enjoy cultural and art activities, by linking them to existing arts, voluntary and community organisations. It’s open to new ideas from individuals and groups on how to achieve this, and has introduced three different funding streams to help: Small Experiments, Community Catalysts and Out of the Ordinary.

Please visit the front page of the website http://www.creativepeopleplace.info to find out more about each opportunity, and feel free to discuss your ideas with us via contact@creativepeopleandplace.info. The next funding deadline is 10am on January 13th.