#Squad34 exhibition & 51zero/voyager film screening 30 Jan

On 30 January at our new home, No.34 High Street, Sittingbourne we’ve two events happening for to get involved in and come along to.

#Squad34 – the story so far

Squad34 need you! We’re putting on a exhibition of all the work we’ve done at No34. Come along to find out more about what the squad have been up to.

Submit your work – You can submit your own work to the exhibition, find out more information on the website Squad34.co.uk

Your deadline is Monday 25 Jan and we’ll be installing the photos on the afternoon of Friday 29 if you want to help. Let us know if you’re coming!

51zero voyager film screening: Urban Stories

Dogtown and the Z-Boys is a thrilling story told by the surfers come skateboarders featured in this independently made documentary.?This is an historic, no-holds-barred, behind-the-scenes look at the birth of a cultural phenomenon, an engaging portrait of “accidental revolutionaries” whose mythology as expressed by themselves and those they influenced is far more entertaining than any even-handed version could ever hope to be. Sub-titled “The Birth of Extreme”, this documentary takes a look at the transformation of skateboarding from its former image as a land-bound pastime for surfers to its status today as an extreme and acrobatic sport in its own right. Starting from the California surf community of Dogtown, the film follows the evolution of modern skateboarding through it’s 70’s heyday, its decline during the 80’s, and its eventual return in the 90’s.

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