Sheep for Sheppey!

One of our very first funded projects, Janys Thorn and Chris Reed organized a sheep trail across the Island as part of the Sheppey Promenade.


Local artists and community groups – including prisoners, older people, children, Polish people and people with Alzheimer’s – created sheep singularly and in organized workshops. These sheep were then displayed in over 40 shops and public places in the lead up to the annual Sheppey Promenade Festival in September 2013. A leaflet was produced with all the locations and was available in hard copy and on the internet.


In Sheerness, 20 sheep were displayed and a children’s trail with questions and prizes was arranged, with over 40 children submitting entries. Sheep were featured in the local paper and the radio station, who arranged a prize of a radio programme activity for the winners of the children’s competition. The sheep were then collectively exhibited along Minster Leas to much acclaim.

Janys Thornton said: “We were both thrilled and surprised at the level of interest we had in making sheep. Every shop we approached was keen to home a sheep for the Promenade Festival. Afterwards, lots of people asked to keep their sheep, both the artists and the shop keepers. When we were taking the sheep down from the Leas, people were stopping us and saying how they would like to see them permanently on the sea front.”


This year’s theme for Sheppey Promenade is World War I, but the sheep will be exhibited around the Island starting in Warden Bay over the Spring and Summer. More details to follow on the website: