Seed Commissions 2020

In early 2020 we put out a call to apply for a Seed Commission – a way for us to help local artists and community groups get new creative projects off the ground and to try something new in Medway and Swale.

We called these ‘Seed’ because we want people to grow their ideas into bigger and better projects.

A community panel made up of people from Medway and Swale, with help from our team, have now chosen the 6 Seed Commission projects.


The projects that were chosen included;


Dance Families Dance!

Musican and artist Lucky Moyo brought Swale families together on Facebook Live to have fun through dancing.


Drawing On Wisdom

Hannah Whittaker’s project that connected 8 and 80-year-olds in Gillingham through storytelling and drawing.

Seed Commissions 2020 – Q&A with Hannah Whittaker, artist of Drawing On Wisdom



It’s Peak

GTown Talents music video where rappers CaGeNation performed a track about the struggles young people face in Medway during Lockdown.

Q&A with GTown Talents – Part one

Q&A with GTown Talents – Part two


Medway Pride Mural

Art by Medway Gender Sexual Diversity Centre’s SEGI Group that celebrated Medway’s LGBTQ+ community (as part of Medway Pride 2020).

Pride 2020 – A creative expression from the community, by Hilary from MGSD Centre


Walking On Eggshells

Development of a film project about and by those affected by abusive relationships


The Wave

An outdoor theatre project from Mrs Bakers Medway Theatre Company, where community and sea monsters were brought together in Medway to celebrate the area


As a team, we were on hand to help and support their projects, using our knowledge and experience of funding, project planning and working so that we could pay it forward.