Seed Commissions 2020: Update from Sarah

Seed Commissions 2020 announcement

In the first of our Seed Commission blogs, our Producer Sarah gives an update on the projects so far…


Our seed commissions gave people in Medway and Swale the opportunity to develop art that responds to this unique, and super challenging moment in time. We wanted the work to help open conversations and help us to imagine ways forward, and all of the selected projects certainly do that to an amazing level.

We were really keen to work with diverse people and groups, and with artists who genuinely want to work closely with our amazing local communities and to celebrate where we actually live. We had so many brilliant submissions, so picking our final six artists was tricky, but ultimately everyone below has responded to these needs in stunning ways.


Photo of our Producer Sarah Davies.
Sarah Davies, Producer, who is working with the Ideas Test Seed Commission artists and creatives

The projects are progressing nicely, within a six-month time frame, and we here to support and nurture them along as much as needed. I’m particularly enjoying working with such talented and motivated artists and the fact that all of the projects are so varied and insightful. Here at Ideas Test, we’re all about collaboration and removing barriers to creating work, and that’s exactly what is happening right now.

First up, we had the creation of a stunning outdoor mural to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community as part of the virtual Medway Pride, courtesy of SEGI – displayed on their building right now.

Next, we have Dance Families Dance – exciting interactive workshops from Lucky Moyo, starting soon.

I’m really looking forward too to Hannah Whittaker’s Drawing on Wisdom, uniquely pairing older people in Gillingham with younger residents to share stories, and The Wave by Kate Mechedou, a big exciting interactive theatre piece.

Similarly, I’m blown away by the Walking on Eggshells project, an inspiring sounding film to help raise awareness of Coercive/Controlling Relationships, and the film project It’s Peak, which will work with Medway-based rap artists Cage Nation, tackling life in lockdown for young people.

Watch this space!


Sarah Davies – September 2020


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