Sea Folk Sing: Be part of our ‘Virtual Performance’

Do you like singing at home?

We’re creating a special YouTube performance of our new Sea Folk Sing 2019 song We’re Coming Home (Over The Swale), that involves local people filming themselves singing.

And one of those people could be you!

Soon you’ll be able to download the song’s backing track, lyrics and instructions recording yourself and how to send us your video.

If you have a smartphone or another device that can record video and upload it to the internet, then you can take part!

Just download the backing track, lyrics and instructions on how to record yourself and send us your video.

You will need access to the Internet, two devices (one with a video camera) and a pair of headphones.


1 – Learn the song

TIP No.1 – You can sing as little or as much of the song as you like.


2 – Record it

  • Find a quiet room. Somewhere with a carpet or soft furnishings is a good place.
  • Put your headphones on and get ready to play the song.
  • Using an mp3 player, second phone, tablet or computer, record a video of yourself singing the song.
  • Your video should only have the sound of you singing, not the song.

TIP No.2 – make sure the video is landscape (longways)

TIP No.3 – try singing with 1 headphone off of your ear, or with one earbud out, so you can hear what you’re singing.

3 – Send it to us

Once you’ve got a video you’re happy with, please use WeTransfer to send it to

We Transfer is a free file sharing service that makes transferring large files from one person to another easier:

We’ll email you to confirm we’ve received it and ask you to complete a short video/photo permission form.

Where you can see the We’re Coming Home (Over The Swale) video

The video will be premiered during the live performance at GlassBox Theatre Gillingham on Saturday 2nd November.

If you can’t come to that performance you’ll be able to see the finished video online a week later from Saturday 9th November on this page.

If you would like to help in hosting a public viewing of the performance at your venue in North Kent, let us know and we’ll help publicise it. 

To contact us email or call 07713 865955 (during offices hours).

Find out more about about the project and how you can see Sea Folk Sing 2019’s Live Tour across Gravesham, Medway and Swale.