Q&A with GTown Talents – Part two

One of the Seed Commission projects we’re supporting in 2020 is from Kent-based Music Organisation, GTown Talents‘It’s Peak’.

If you missed Part One of our Q & A with Jimmy from GTown Talents you can read it here: https://ideastest.org.uk/q-and-a-with-gtown-talents-1/



In Part Two, GTown Talents tell us about their passion for supporting young artists, who supported them in the early days, and what’s next for GTown Talents and It’s Peak musicians, CaGeNation.

We also ask them about one of the most divisive topics of our time – Pineapple on pizza!


What or who inspired you to set up GTown Talents?

What inspired me to set up Gtown Talents was seeing talented artists in Kent for years – rappers especially.

I was seeing them have belief and hope, but nothing was being done to push them further. It was all talk but no action.

Me and my friend Jordan met up and I said: “Help me push this, I promise you it’s going to go far”. He helped me and it really started spreading. I wasn’t good with social media but he really made the page buzz – huge thanks to him for that.

Everywhere we went we tried to push it to further heights and to show we can become somebody with our talents, which we all have.

The rise in U.K. music and new doors opening made me realise that Kent had to also be part of this.


Still from the music video Its Peak by CaGeNation.

In terms of our journey, me and Vyberoom have always been around music, and we have been learning from people in the industry for over 12 years. Last year I thought ‘ why don’t we do the same special urban platform in Kent, it will do wonders?’
That belief came from experiences in the past, to now realise:  “Let’s give back and help the youth”.

We knew a big spark would happen where we provided the platform for Kent and we are so proud because myself and Vyberoom put all our know-how and creativity together and joined forces.

We then started building the buzz, going around to film the most talented rappers in Kent.

It was also seeing artists struggling to have avenues opened that we knew we could make it easier to start really achieving artists’ dreams once they’re with us.

Hip-hop inspired us – music saved our lives. We breathe it every day. And it’s good to see the progress.


GTown Talent support young artists and musicians across Kent

Who supported you in the early days?

We had no support but a high drive to make something successful in life.

We owe huge thanks to our family, especially our mums who kept pushing us and knowing we could achieve something special.

So our whole lives, before this, we were creative – making special things with other people.

It’s when we decided to help our own town and county that things really got recognised and we realised this is our path.

It’s just the dedication of our lives to urban music talents in general.  When we started we would get support from music videos and studio sessions to get us by, but now it’s getting better for our organisation.

Myself and Vyberoom have had a journey that hasn’t been easy because we wanted to show we can make it through creativity and through music.


What are the best things about running GTown Talents?

The best thing about running Gtowntalents is knowing exactly what the artists would like to do, and working as a team to execute it.

The belief the young people have in us really pushes us to further heights.

We love the collaborations with other organisations who are trying to push the same cause and give hope to the young people in Kent.

We love the fact we can work with anybody with any background, any race, and not judge them. We can feel their passion and energy and give them a chance. It really shows we can all come together and make special things happen.


What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is actually being able to put our high ambitions out there.

It’s the fact that we took this huge challenge on knowing there are thousands of artists in Kent who we can help with our platform. Some artists might feel that we can’t give them all our time because we are focusing on many other artists, but we are here and want to help as many as we can.

We definitely feel there’s a lot of progress with all the artists we work with. We’re able to feel the energy with the ones who show the most passion and highest work rate, and they’re special because it’s them who want it the most.

The challenge of keeping everyone happy was never going to be easy, but we are so motivated to make sure whoever wants to work with us feels they have been taken to another level in their career.

It’s happening every time so the pressure is not so much when we know we achieved something really good it’s like a win each time for the young people in Kent.

Vyberoom and Jimmy – the people behind GTown Talents

What kind of musicians and creatives do you work with apart from CaGeNation?

We work with all types of creatives. Creatives such as producers in music, talented actors & actresses, beatboxers, spoken word artists and even singers.


Who is the most famous person you know or have worked with?

Giggs, Krept & Konan, Kojo the comedian, Mo the Comedian, Skitz Beatz, Clement Marfo, Calvin Demba, Wiley’s sister, plus many more.


2020 has been really hard for everyone including young people and musicians. What would you say to a young person who wants to work in music today?

Our advice would be:  Have hope, keep going and find a team, a family, who can help push your artistry. It’s really difficult to achieve it alone. Get more people to spread your work and show it to other people.

Don’t look at other artists and feel you have to be like them to be successful – believe in your own talents.

The musicians keep recording and finding ways to make it work.

If you need advice or further steps you feel can happen don’t be afraid – DM us, we will definitely let you know if you’re ready, or what to do.

CaGeNation recorded the music and video for their track It’s Peak in Medway.

What’s next for GTown Talents & CaGeNation?

We told CaGeNation when it comes to what we do in Medway projects or activities they will be at the forefront. They are really humble and passionate, and they listen and learn key things. We are now in a fruitful partnership where we will be helping guide their career and open more doors.

The next step for artists is creating music videos for them in Medway, help guide their careers, and to make them a big name coming from Kent. We also want to push the Kent urban scene really far, showing the talents and beautiful scenery we have here in our future projects.

Gtowntalents & Vyberoom have come together as one, and with our skillset and creativity, we are really excited for CaGeNation’s journey. We can’t wait to show this.


Where does Jimmy stand on the great ‘Pineapple on Pizza’ debate?

And now for a question I ask everyone – Pineapple on Pizza: Yes or No?

As long as it has sweet corn otherwise – No lol.


How can people find out more about GTown Talents?

Website coming real soon: www.gtowntalents.co.uk

Facebook- https://m.facebook.com/gtowntalents/
Instagram – www.instagram.com/gtowntalents
Twitter – www.twitter.com/gtowntalents


Once again, thank you to Jimmy from GTown Talents for answering our questions.


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