STEAM is a fast paced journey from the silent movies of Buster Keaton through the hijackings of the Wild West, to the rooftop stunts of a James Bond chase, the heartbreak of the First World War and into the dark future of inner-city commuting where demand for space leads to the creation of a new martial art.

For this touring show, the Urban Playground Team created new scenes by collaborating with young people from the local area. Each scene is inspired by the history of a heritage railway. In Sheppey the team worked with students from the Oasis Academy to create a unique choreography that featured within their STEAM performance. Following each performance their was an open workshop in which the audience members tried out performance-parkour for themselves.

The Urban Playground Team are the original performance-parkour company, combining dance, physical-theatre, slapstick and authentic French free-running in knockabout comedy shows for the whole family. Having toured across five continents over 10 years, the UPG Team returns in 2016 with a national tour supported by Arts Council England. STEAM Local Line is presented at Barton’s Point in partnership with Ideas Test.

STEAM co-commissioned by the Civic Barnsley, South East Dance & Pavilion Dance South West. The LOCAL LINE tour is supported with Lottery Funding by Arts Council England. | |

What the participants said
“I loved STEAM! The project you did was incredible and I felt so privileged to be in it. I LOVED the army scene where Miranda and Alister danced together #emotional. I would love to see you all again and have the chance to be in another project. I wanted to be in the performing arts when I’m older and you have boosted up my confidence so much.”
Hollie D

“I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity, it has completely inspired me and would love to do this for a job. Thank you again, it was amazing!”
Jordan M