With Medway named as Arts Council England’s 54 Priority Places, Make Waves is a programme to support the next generation of young producers aged 18 to 25 who live, study or work in Medway


Want to run events that spark those ‘WOW!’ moments and bring people together?
Full of creative ideas but not sure how to get them seen?
Passionate about creating change in your community but feeling stuck about where to begin?


Our Make Waves Programme is for 18–25-year-olds in Medway who want to gain the skills, networks, and confidence to turn their ideas into reality and kickstart their creative career.


“Make Waves has been an absolute blessing. I’ve learnt more things about the industry and myself than anywhere else.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so confident within myself to do my own thing.”

Make Waves Group Members 2022

Make Waves gives you tailored guidance to help you pursue the right career path for you, whether you want to work within an organisation or be your own boss as a self-employed freelancer. You’ll also meet other likeminded people with shared interests, becoming part of a larger creative community.

OK, so what actually happens on Make Waves?

The programme is completely FREE and runs for 10 months. This might sound like a lot, but trust us, it’ll fly by! We meet once every fortnight so taking part can be fitted in around other commitments.


If you join the Make Waves programme, Ideas Test will directly invest in you and your future. Every person taking part will have:

  • The chance to join in skills-based workshops on topics like budgeting, freelance finance and communicating with confidence
  • Opportunities to meet industry professionals and gain behind the scenes insight through Go-Sees
  • 30 days paid work at £100 a day to give you hands-on experience of the industry
  • Access to a £500 budget to plan and organise your own project or event & showcase everything you’ve learnt
  • A £200 personal development budget
  • 1-2-1 mentoring from the Ideas Test Team to help you set and meet personalised goals
  • A travel and access bursary

….so taking part won’t cost you anything except your time & willingness to try new things!

“That’s why Make Waves is important. It’s helping young people not to put their dreams aside, to put them into a plan and make them happen.”

Make Waves Group Member 2022

Who is Make Waves for?

Make Waves is for 18–25-year-olds living, working, studying, or volunteering in Medway.


We know the creative industries can be difficult to break into. Because of this, we especially welcome applications from anyone from communities under-represented in the creative sector.


This might apply to all sorts of people, but some specific examples may include people who are/ have been:

  • LGBTQIA+ and/or non-binary
  • Disabled
  • Having experience of mental ill-health
  • Having a migrant or refugee experience
  • Affected by a health condition or impairment
  • From African Diaspora
  • From South, East and Southeast Asian diaspora
  • and/or People of Global Majority
  • Affected by homelessness
  • Care experienced
  • Young parent
  • Carer
  • Gypsy Roma or Traveller
  • Not in Education, Employment or Training
  • and/or having received welfare benefits
  • Neurodivergent
  • LGBTQIA+ and/or non-binary
  • Working class

Make Waves 2023 is funded  Medway Council, The Garfield Weston Foundation, The Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust and the Lawson Trust.






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