Creative Job Club is funded by NatWest’s Skills and Opportunities Fund to deliver a programme giving ten young people a chance to work in the fast-growing digital and creative industries.

Sign up to the free programme and we’ll help you:

  • build confidence to pitch and negotiate
  • work out what to study at school to get into the business
  • how to reach those dream employers
  • what kind of skills you’ll need for the future
  • learn practical employability skills
  • get the low down from industry experts in VR, SEO, Games development, digital
  • music, IoT and lots more
  • learn about start-ups

You’ll get:

  • 40 hours of really good work experience with key Kent companies
  • Three hours of one-to-one mentoring with an industry expert
  • Six monthly evening networking meetings with CJC team-mates lead by industry experts

How do I qualify?

  • You need to be 18 to 24 and not in full-time education
  • Fill in an application form and attend an interview

Some small print:

  1. If Ideas Test get more applicants than we have room for, we may hold your place over to begin in a second round of the project
  2. Our mentors and staff are enhanced DBS-checked or working under supervision of a qualified member of staff
  3. We’ll be giving you a letter of agreement that sets out safe working and learning practices for us and yourself
  4. We’ll pay reasonable travel expenses to get you to our monthly events and mentoring sessions
  5. You’ll be managed by us, alongside a member of staff from the company you’ll be with for work experience
  6. You won’t be making tea or carrying out menial tasks on work experience

How does it all work?

Recruiting now, and starting in June 2017, we’ll bring our 10 to 12 participants together once a month for networking meetings at No34. At these meetings you’ll hear from creative industry experts, and also tell each other about your placements. We’ll start the monthly meetings with some bootcamp-type activity, where we train you about the basics of working in creative businesses. We expect you to be ready to work, and dressed accordingly.

As the monthly meetings progress, we’ll cover different aspects of working; and each person on the programme will have a 1:1 meeting with an industry mentor. You get three of these, each one designed to help you build confidence and learn about creative working.

When you sign up for the scheme, we’ll interview you and find out what lights your fire, then we’ll match you to a creative business that meets your needs. And don’t worry – if it’s not the right fit, we can re-deploy you.

It’s all about the end result

We want to get at least two of our group into full or part-time creative work. We’re also aiming to help another eight of you into freelance working and we’ve got great mentors lined up to help with this.

We’ll be publishing the names of our mentors and programme speakers over the next few weeks, so watch this space for more details.

Applications for Creative Job Club are now closed.

If you’d like to know more about the Creative Job Club programme, or any of Ideas Test’s other youth projects, get in touch with our Youth Programme Manager, Frances Chiverton at