Pride 2020 – A creative expression from the community, by Hilary from MGSD Centre

In this blog post, Hilary from the Medway Gender Sexual Diversity (MGSD) Centre tells us about their mural that was created for a very different Medway Pride.

The mural was one of the projects we supported as part of our Seed Commissions 2020.

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2020 will be remembered for many reasons, some of them great like the support communities gave to each other during the restrictions on socialising during the year, some of them not great at all, like the isolation and anxiety caused by those restrictions, separating families and individuals from their support networks.

One of the consequences of the social restrictions has been the cancellation of events that bring communities together.

Across the world events have been affected, one of the casualties has been LGBTQIA+ Pride. 2020 was the year Medway Pride had planned to hold a parade and festival, which had to be cancelled in favour of a virtual event #GMVPride2020.

Pride is not just a chance to party with your friends, it is also a means to demonstrate human diversity and promote equality for all. It is also an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ organisations to raise funds to allow them to carry on providing the support to those who need help throughout the year.


Medway Gender & Sexual Diversity Centre, a Rochester based LGBTQIA+ support organisation, had an idea to create a public mural to record the Medway Pride 2020 event and effects that COVID 19 placed on the community.

With the support of Ideas Test, who provided a small grant [as part of Seed Commissions 2020], a Medway Pride Mural was created.


The Medway Pride Mural, created by artist Renee Kathleen.

About The Mural

The mural was a collaboration, based on ideas formed during discussions with members of the MGSD Centre community and artist Renee Kathleen who designed and created the mural using acrylic on canvas as a half size artefact.

This was then reproduced as the full-size mural utilising a local print shop onto an aluminium composite board and erected at the entrance to the MGSD Centre building.


The Pride Mural, outside the MGSD Centre in Rochester

What’s next?

This is not the end of the creative project though. MGSD Centre is working with Medway Pride & Nucleus Arts to host a gallery exhibition during LGBT History Month from 4th to 10 February 2021.

The Medway Pride Mural (Acrylic on Canvas) will form the centrepiece of the exhibition which is based on the theme of Pride in Lockdown.


How You Can Be A Part Of  MGSD’s Medway Pride History Month Exhibition

MGSD Centre is looking for people who’ve made art showing how they celebrated pride during 2020.

They are looking for artwork that shows all aspects of the support or isolation that you might have encountered during the lockdown periods.

All creative forms are welcome including, Paintings, Crafts, Photos, Videos, Poetry, Short Stories, Essays, and Performances.

Written work can also include your comments and reflections on Pride during Lockdown, and will be included in book form for the exhibition or as part of the public mural.

If you want to take part in the Medway Pride History Month Exhibition please contact MGSD Centre by the end of December 2020 via


To find out more about the work the MGSD Centre do supporting the LGBTQA+ community in Medway, visit their website:

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