Playing a part in Operation Black Antler’s Community Cast

Ahead of the launch of Operation Black Antler in Chatham on Thursday 23 June, we spoke to one of the Community Cast, Rosie James about how she’s finding being part of such a pioneering production.

Ideas Test: How have you found the rehearsal process so far?

RJ: I have really enjoyed the rehearsal process so far. I have enjoyed getting to know a whole group of new people and working closely with them. As a visual artist I spend a lot of time working on my own so I have found this process the antidote to that!

I have also been fascinated by the process and the techniques used to build a character and also the ways of relaxing and getting into the right frame of mind, as well as learning to improvise. A lot of it is quite intense but enjoyably so and fun!

Ideas Test: Whats it like to build your own character? 

 RJ: It’s really interesting and a little bit weird! It’s something I think that most of us have never done before although I’m sure we all sometimes wonder what it would be like to be someone else. You find yourself gradually becoming more and more into the character and somehow expanding their reality into yours.

Ideas Test: How are you finding the politics of the piece? 

RJ: I am finding the politics of the piece totally resonating with what’s going on at the moment with the campaigning for the European Referendum. Which I think is quite difficult to watch, or hear sometimes, but I am trying to look at these issues through the eyes and ears of my character!

Ideas Test: Who is Operation Black Antler for?

RJ: I think it’s for anyone who is a bit curious and wants to try something different.

IP6150810deas Test: Can you describe the show in a few words? 

RJ: Mysterious, engaging.