Next Steps for Ideas Test

Photos of Ideas Test events in Sittingbourne and Sheerness. Photos by Kyra Cross, Cassandra Gibbs and Hope Fitzgerald
Photos: Kyra Cross, Cassandra Gibbs & Hope Fitzgerald

Ideas Test are proud to announce that the organisation is now a charity.

Charity status means Ideas Test is a CIO, or Charitable Incorporated Organisation, so they now have more opportunities for fundraising, sponsorship and crowdfunding. This means more money can be invested in creative arts projects for and by local communities in Medway and Swale.

Lucy Medhurst, Ideas Test Director, said;

“This is a fantastic moment in the journey of Ideas Test. Achieving charitable status is a real milestone.”

The organisation is now looking for trustees for the new charity. This is a great chance to become involved in Ideas Test’s work. For more information email

Lucy also recognises the work people have put into supporting Ideas Test, which has been active since 2012. She said;

“We are enormously grateful for the support of our consortium members and our lead body Swale CVS as well as many other partners, staff team and volunteers”.


That’s not the only good news the small arts organisation has had recently.

Kent Community Foundation are supporting Ideas Test with funding for a programme that will help the wellbeing of isolated people who can’t access online services easily.

The funding will complement Ideas Test’s Seed Commissions for artists and creatives from Black, Asian, and other ethnicities from the local community, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and those from working and benefit class backgrounds.

The Seed Commissions are part of Ideas Test’s mission in raising the voice of local communities and bringing people together.

Applications are open until 5 pm on 6th July. For more information visit: