Museums & Artists working: Video & Manifesto

Video by Gordon Lamont

The ‘Museums and Artists Working Together’ learning day was a unique opportunity to bring two cultural sectors together for an open dialogue. The aim of the day was to create a set of Museums and Artists rules (or manifesto), based on our shared knowledge, which lists codes of professional practise for future museums & artists’ projects. See below for a Manifesto of best practice that was written during the day.

The event took place in the new creative hub space No.34 on Sittingbourne High Street, Swale and was facilitated by the Ideas Test, Creative People and Places project. Swale is home to a vibrant network of local museums and heritage sites, full of potential inspiration for creative activity. The local community is very proud of its local heritage, and local museums are keen to develop how they go about engaging their audiences.

The Speakers presenting included people with a range of experiences from artists, to commissioners, to museum staff. Nicole Mollett, Artist and Ideas Tester; Joanna Jones and Care Smith, Dover Arts Development; Jeremy Clarke, The Guildhall Museum; Thomas Goddard, Artist

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Museums and Artists Working Together Manifesto