Medway Light Nights – Guest blog from producer Ashleigh Burr

In this blog, Producer Ashleigh Burr writes about the filming of We Are Medway, a film that will be projected onto the walls at Rochester War Memorial Garden on Rochester High Street on Friday 11 February and Saturday 12 February as part of the Medway Light Nights festival.

Ashleigh is working with us on Medway Light Nights as part of Creative Estuary‘s Estuary Emerging Producer Placements programme


Over the past few weeks, myself and Josh from Cybersaur Arts have been filming content for the upcoming “We Are Medway Film”, which will be displayed as part of the Medway Light Nights event.

This has involved us meeting with groups and individuals from local communities to discuss their experiences of living in Medway.



What we discovered over two weeks of filming is that Medway has so much to offer, in terms of a sense of togetherness, finding your place and your community, and opportunities to learn and grow.

Across the two weeks we spoke to such a diverse range of people of all ages, ethnicities, beliefs, and identities. We heard stories of families moving halfway across the world and finding a place to call home, stories of friendship, stories of joy, hope, and cups of tea with neighbours. We met with people who worked at the Chatham Dockyards many years ago, people who have started local charities and dance classes, and people who do not know what they will do yet but who have a hope for a bright future.


We went in with questions and ideas of the information we should collect, but from the first day it became clear that the people of Medway have so much to share about their pride in where they live.  So, whilst the project has been conducted by Josh and I, it is the people of Medway who have really made it.


Photos: Ashleigh Burr


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