Make A Zine

Photo of handmade zines from Ideas Test's Zine Week 2016

Fed up of social media? Wish everyone could be a bit kinder?


On Saturday 18th November between 11am to 2pm, we’ll show you how to Make-A-Zine – an 8 page foldy zine (or show us if you have the know-how)! We’ll bring the photocopier and paper, you bring the ideas, images & words… put them together to create your own zine.

We’re channeling kindness that week at no.34, but you can choose your own theme to draw, write, cut, paste & share with the world.

Make one zine to keep and one to display. £1 gives you unlimited access to our materials + our support.


A Zine made during Ideas Test’s Zine Week in 2016.

What is a zine?

Zine is short for ‘Fanzine’  –  which is a portmanteau of ‘fan’ and ‘magazine’. Traditionally, a fanzine is a cheaply-produced, DIY magazine, made by fans! They are often black and white, made simply with pens and paper, cut up, and photocopied. They can take the form of graphic novel, story, comic, editorial – and much  more.

Historically they were made for fans, by fans, and they included submissions from people who like the same things. They were made for a community to share ideas and views, before the age of internet forums, Twitter, or Facebook. Over the years, zines have been themed around different artforms, interests, and genres, such as science fiction literature, rock and roll, punk, role-playing, and video gaming.

Cheap to produce, with a DIY aesthetic and attitude, Zines are for everyone with something to say, they are about self-expression, passion, collaboration and sharing! Zines aren’t fancy magazines made by big publishers or media companies, they are fun reads made by passionate amateurs for, and with, fellow fans! And you can make one too…

Why kindness?


It’s World Kindness Day on Monday 13th November, and we’ve also been making our own ‘Be Kind’ signs, inspired by brilliant Kent organisation, People United. And what better way of getting the idea of kindness across than with quick, easy, fun, DIY zines?


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