Lest We Forget

This small experiment by Jenni Burrows, a contemporary textile artist, is an inspiring inter-generational project to bring a community together and commemorate World War 1.


Jennie says: “My aim is for the elder generation and younger generation to integrate skills and develop an understanding of different generations through creative workshops.”

The Workshops: To run between April and October 2014. One group of ten (over 65’s) and one group of ten (11-18 years) will skill share; the elders will teach embroidery to the teenagers, the teenagers will teach felt making to the elders.

IreneThe group will make ten large sculptural hand-made felt poppies with embroidered quotes from visiting soldiers to mark the anniversary of WW1. Ten poppies represent each decade and a campaign since WW1. The poppies will be installed in the Medway area.

A taster workshop took place at Hoo Library on 22nd March. 21 people attended to make poppies and subsequently, more have brought along their friends. Jenni continued:  “I was very encouraged by the enthusiasm of the participants; there was lots of laughing, chatting and sharing of stories.


“We now have ex-soldiers coming to talk to the group about their experiences of conflict and the stories will be embroidered into the poppies.”

With grateful thanks to Wingham Wool in Rotherham, who donated the felt, and the craft club in the village who donated the embroidery threads, this project will integrate older and younger generations through creative making to celebrate the community of rural Medway in outlying villages.

pat and janet

A website will be on line in due course. To find out more about Jenni, visit her here: