Kent Creative Live workshop: Approaching your business plan – Part 2

with Rod McIntosh from Dawlton Barn.Rod McIntosh

A workshop for creative professionals supported by Ideas Test.

The first part of this workshop took place on Tuesday 28th January and went brilliantly, with the group feeling motivated and finding inspiration to build the basis of their business plan. A lot of thinking went on…

To approach the idea of a business plan, Rod explained that as we tend to be driven by what earns money, a successful business plan for creatives is one that offers a balance between bringing the money in as well as the art value. Without an income, it is not a business.

Part 2
When and where:

  • Tuesday 25th February 2014  | 9:30am to 12:30
  • Nucleus Arts | 272 High Street | Chatham | Kent | ME4 4BP

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