Join #Squad34 & make your own videos, gifs and blogs

I really love living in the future, don’t you?

We can send messages to friends and strangers instantly across the world. We can (if we wanted to – yolo) sit on the loo and do our shopping. And many of us carry around tiny little computers every day and underestimate just how good they are. Smartphones really are a bit brilliant.


Well, not this good yet.

That thought was actually the spark that ignited the idea that is #Squad34. #Squad34 is a programme of digital-focused events and activities for the young people of Sittingbourne. We’re going to encourage them to get creative with the tech that they carry and learn some useful skills along the way. We want No.34 to become a safe, welcoming space to be creative without boundaries. As #Squad34 grows, the young people involved will begin to own it fully, run their own events and take over the website. Own it all.

So what kind of activities do I mean? Well, to kick off, on November 28, we’re trying to make a crowd-sourced promo and on December 5, we’re going to be holding an Intelligent Instagram session. We’ll show you how to take professional-quality photographs with your phone and we’ll be screening the promo too.

In 2016, we’ll make One Minute Movies, have a Vine Jam, a Gif Party and do some blogging. Of course, we’re open to suggestions – so please send us your ideas and photos, films or anything you’d like to share with us.

I’ve worked on digital projects for kids and young people for years. I started Tate Kids and was the Creative Director of Hopster when it launched – both of these projects allowed kids to be digitally creative with the toys we gave them. I was constantly amazed by what they could with the limited tools. I really can’t wait to see what we do in Sittingbourne.


Sharna Jackson
Find out more about #Squad34 on our blog.