Interview: Bethanie from Raspberry Jam

Photo: Bethanie Fentiman/

On Saturday 10th December Ideas Test’s base at No.34 is turning into a Raspberry Jam!

Not the fruity, sticky kind you put on toast though!

It’s an event for all ages, to help everyone get to grips with Raspberry Pi.

Ideas Test spoke to the Raspberry Jam Event Leader, Bethanie Fentiman to find out more about her, and Raspberry Pi.


Who are you and can you tell me a little about your background?
Hi, I’m Bethanie, I’m a development apprentice and I live in Faversham.

How did you get started in computing?
I’ve always been interested in computers, I started to properly code when I was 16, a little bit at school and then I carried on at home.

Why is learning coding so important?
It gives you the skills to use a computer more efficiently and allows you to customize your software to fit your needs more.

What is a Raspberry Pi?
The short answer is a bare bones computer without all the fancy casing, keyboard, mouse or screen.

Do I have to know lots about programming to use Raspberry Pi?

What things can I use it for?
Anything you want really! If you can program it, then you can find a use for it.

What’s this I hear about Jelly Baby computer buttons?
Most things can be made into a computer button, but kids generally enjoy using the Jelly Babies more.

Will you be using any other interesting computers or software?
We will be using some BBC MicroBits and we will have some interesting projects on display using various computers.

If I want to learn more about Raspberry Pi before Raspberry Jam, where can I go?
You can come along to our Raspberry Jam event or any other Jam event in your area, along with visiting the education section of the Raspberry Pi website.


Thank you to Bethanie for the interview.