How you can Make Change in 2020

What would you do to Make Change in your neighbourhood?  What would make life better for you, your family and friends? 

If you have an idea, no matter how small or how impossible it seems, we want to know.

To take part contact Sarah at, or send us a text/Whatsapp on 07713 865955 by October 14th 2020.

Take part and make a start. Make Change




Who are you looking for to be part of Make Change?
People aged 15 to 25 who live in Gillingham, Kent.

You don’t have to be into art.

If you know about things that affect your neighbourhood and want to make change so your area is a better place, we want you.


Who’s running the sessions?
You’ll first be in online workshop sessions with Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) and meet four people that were part of BAC’s project The Agency – the project Make Change is based on.

You’ll then work with Ideas Test and other organisations and creatives.


What will I get out of it?
You’ll meet other people with a passion to Make Change.

You’ll also get support & Mentoring by Ideas Test and Battersea Art Centre.

That means about £600 worth of training for free. Plus you’ll learn skills that can help you in whatever you decide to do in the future.

You’ll find out how you can;

  • Develop your confidence so you can make your own choices in work and your life.
  • Create a project.
  • How to raise money for your projects.
  • How to make decisions.
  • How to present and pitch your ideas to others – think a friendly version of Dragon’s Den.
  • How to work as part of a team and as leaders.


What do you need from me?
We expect you to;

  • Be up for taking part in the events and workshop – we can be flexible if you have a job, are in education, or have childcare/caring responsibilities.
  • Know that Make Change isn’t just about making change where you live – it’s about making change in yourself.
  • Be respectful to others taking part and those leading the project/workshops.
  • Let us know ahead of time of any absence, or issues that could mean you can’t take part.

If you have a dodgy/no internet connection, no computer, or share your house with family/others, get in touch as you may still be able to take part in Make Change.


What happens when Make Change ends?
How Make Change carries on depends on you.
You might want to develop your ideas on your own, or with Ideas Test.
You might want to get involved with Ideas Test in other ways too.
We’ll definitely keep in touch after Make Change and let you know of opportunities out there for you.


If you’ve any other questions get in touch with us.
Email: Sarah at,
Text/Whatsapp: 07713 865955



About Make Change
Ideas Test has teamed up with Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) for Make Change, a pilot project in Gillingham, based on The Agency from BAC.

The Agency gave young people in South London skills and experience of being Social Entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs are people who use new ways to solve problems in their community, who take on projects to make positive changes in society through what they do.


Make Change
From Ideas Test.
In partnership with Battersea Arts Centre, inspired by The Agency.



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