How we plan projects

Photo of BLINK tour at Dewsbury by our Young Producer, Kat Pelger
BLINK tour, 2019. Photo: Kat Pegler

Ideas Test works as a team to create projects with organisations, groups and communities in Medway and Swale

We get our ideas from various places. It could be sparked from research we’ve discovered, an idea from a team member or participant, an opportunity to work with partners, or a funding opportunity that lines up with our values and mission.

We always start with a Story of Change and then use this so we can involve the people we’re partnering with and the community to co-create the project we have in mind.


Story Of Change

We use a method of planning called Story Of Change.

This focuses on 4 different areas:

  • Why we’re doing the project or event.
    • The changes we want to make on those who take part, the local community and how that ties into our overall vision of Ideas Test.
  • What we’re going to do.
    • The activities, the workshops, all the events that make up the project.
  • Who we work with.
    • This section focuses on the people who we’ll work with. From people taking part in workshops or going to events, to workshop leaders, partner organisations, funders and sponsors, people are an important part of all our projects.
  • How we do this.
    • This is the part where we decide what we’re going to do and what we need to do it. This can range from planning workshops to finances.


Our team creates a Story of Change for every project we do.

We even have a Story Of Change for what Ideas Test wants to do as an organisation, which you can read here:
Ideas-Test_SOC_v7.pdf (123KB)