Flying Fun Palace taking off in October

The Kent Baton will be working with Ideas Test and local partners to produce a series of airborne artworks in Sheerness Town Centre, as part of the national Fun Palaces weekend on the 4th and 5th October.

‘Flying Fun Palace’ is a project to challenge local Sheppey students to experiment and invent a spectacular flying machine. Inspired by Sheppey’s connection to the history of flight – the first ever UK flight took place there – this workshop will encourage those taking part to be creative and try to think of different ways to achieve airborne artworks. These could be plane, balloons, kites, spaceships – anything that can momentarily exist without touching the floor.

flying machine2













There will be an element of practicality and looking at different engineering solutions, but the emphasis is on having fun!

On the Sunday, there will be a fly off/competition to see which artworks fly the best, with prizes for different categories.

The project is looking for an artist and/or engineering team to help run workshops and create a range of 3D experiments. If you are interested in finding out more and applying for this role, please visit the  Kent Baton Blog.