Family Arts Small Experiment Callout

A new round of funding, aimed specifically for the Family Arts Festival taking place in October, was announced in our last newsletter.

Fam arts

Due to not all the funding in Round 4 being allocated, we decided to open up an opportunity that would allow organisers the time and money to generate high quality, innovative family friendly activities during the national Family Arts Festival, which runs from October 17th to November 2nd.

Up to £2000 is available per applicant and the same criteria applies as for a normal Small Experiment. Details of this particular strand of funding can be found here.

The deadline for this new round is Monday, July 7th, with the decision panel scheduled to meet on Tuesday, July 15th. We hope to announce the results before Friday, July 25th.

In the first instance, you need to register with the Family Arts Festival network – click here for their website.

For further information on getting involved locally, in Medway there is a Family Arts Network led by LV21.

If you’re interested in being part of a new network for Swale, then please let us know, as we could access support and training from the Family Arts Campaign if we set up a new network. You don’t need to have a grant from us to be involved.