A group of over 55s with their craft creation of a floral paper canvas.
Young at HeArt 2017. Photo: Kyra Cross

Ideas Test reviews and monitors everything we do as an organisation, from our day-to-day work to our projects and events.

We call this monitoring ‘Evaluation’ and we need to do this so we can:

  • Report what we’ve spent to our funders
  • See who took part in our events and projects
  • To understand what effect our project had on our communities.

This is why we ask you to fill out a data postcard, or ask you questions about an event.

We also work with independent evaluators – people outside our organisation who can look at what we do objectively and so you can be honest in your feedback.

We currently work with independent evaluators MB Associates, who help us evaluate how we work as a team, what we’re learning and what the results are.


MB Associates create reports on how we work during each phase of our funding which we submit to Arts Council England as part of our funding agreement.

You can read the latest report covering our Creative People and Places Phase 2 funding (covering April 2017 to March 2020) here: IT_Phase 2 Report.pdf (2.8MB)