You Me Us 2021: Drawing on Wisdom – Hannah Whittaker

A black and white photo of Hannah Whittaker. Hannah is a young white woman with long mid-colour hair. She is sitting on the floor wand has a smile on her face.

In March 2021, a community panel chose artist Hannah Whittaker to be one of 4 artists to lead groups in our You Me Us 2021 project.

“Everyone loves stories – they provide escapism, empathy, wisdom and connection. But we often overlook those around us as a source for such stories. My hope is that this project will be a platform for sharing the wealth of experience that those in our community have to offer.”

Hannah Whittaker

Drawing On Wisdom was a community storytelling project that brought together older and young members of the community in Medway and Swale. They got to think about their shared experiences of challenges they’ve had during Lockdown.

Older members of the community were asked to write memories of their of childhood. This could include challenges that they faced and any wisdom they had to share to you the younger generations who face the effects of uncertainty that Covid-19 has had on their lives.

Those stories were then used in online workshops, where people listened, talked about, and noted their their reactions and what they felt about the stories.

They then created artwork (drawings, paintings, or collages) to illustrate those stories. They focused on the part of the story that most stood out to them the most – whether it was a detail they saw or an emotion that the storyteller was felt.

Drawing on Wisdom book

An illustrated Drawing on Wisdom book was created, combining the older storytellers writing with illustrations and pictures from the workshops.

Copies have been given to those who took part and to local libraries.

You can read Drawing on Wisdom below.

The book includes a QR code in the back which you can scan to submit what you thought or felt about the stories from your phone.

Every time a response is received it will be given to the original storyteller, who’ll know that people are reading and connecting with their story.

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About Hannah

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