CreataboX at Home

CreataboX At Home is a project that helps people who are socially excluded to still be involved in their local community.

CreataboX 2014The project was set up by Community Catalyst, Natasha Steer, who runs the small arts organisation, Creatabot, and has been at the forefront of accessible community art in Medway for the last few years.


Participants are provided with the materials they need to create small pieces for the CreataboX Art Vending machine, which appears at community events. Those who help are given details about how the event went and how their work has been appreciated. The project enables them to be involved with, and play a valuable part in, their local community.

tashcretaboxNatasha says: “I am so excited about getting this project moving and being able to expand it. I know there are a lot of people who feel really shut off from what is going on around them, mainly due to health problems, so I can’t wait to help change that.”

More information about CreataboX can be found on the dedicated home page on Creatabot:

Should you wish to register your interest, please contact Natasha via email: or call  07541072603.

The CreataboX Vending machine will be present at Fuse festival from the 13th to 15th June, so they are looking to fill up the machine with as many pieces as possible. If you know anyone who would benefit from this project, please get in touch.

CreataboX At Home