Confidence to Create Programme

people discussing art works together over a table
At Confidence to Create sessions, we discuss our work together. Photo, Jon Pratty, Ideas Test

We all know the feeling: I want to… I know I can… but how do I get from here to there? How can I take the next step towards my goal – and do I even know what the next step is?

Whether you want to turn your art into your business or further your creative endeavour in any way, whatever it may be that you’re aiming for, our Confidence to Create (C2C) workshops offer a way forward. The sessions are already up and running and helping people in practical supportive ways.

So what is Confidence to Create and how can it help me?

Though it’s quite informal, C2C is in fact a continuing professional development programme for artists and creatives of all kinds. Gordon Lamont, workshop leader and former BBC producer, says: “I am constantly surprised and delighted by the imaginative ideas that flow when people start working together. I used to run a version of this course for the BBC and I can assure you that the first local event gave our national broadcaster some stiff competition in terms of energy, creativity and positive outcomes. Come along to the next event – we’d love to have your input.”

Our Creative Network Manager Jon Pratty also has plenty of positive things to say about C2C and how beneficial it is for No34 to offer Continuing Professional Development programme.

“Not a lot of people know this, but it takes a lot of guts to go out on a limb and imagine, create and perform artworks in public. Getting up on stage to perform a poem or singing, painting large scale works on canvas, or making films with high-tech equipment require all kinds of confidence.”

The C2C sessions are typically two hours long and are full of supportive discussions where each participant is supported by the whole group to consider their next practical steps towards their creative goals. Past participants have included photographers, performers, producers and a beatboxer.

When leading the sessions, Gordon works through a series of simple but fun exploratory exercises designed to help people talk about their creative methods, and also demonstrate how we each see things differently as artists and creators. The fact that C2C is a continuing professional development programme for artists and creatives, it is not unusual for participants to attend follow up sessions, and  to continue meeting up in support of one another.