Singers standing side by side at Strood station

What do our Case Studies include?

Our Case Studies usually cover;

  • What the project/event was about and who it was for
  • What we wanted the project/event to do
  • Who we worked with – partners and community members and organisations
  • The way we worked – the methods and the ideas behind them
  • Evaluation – the things we learned by doing the project/event.

You can read our  Case Studies online by clicking the links below, or download them to your computer by;

  • Windows: Right click > Choose ‘Save target as’
  • Mac: Right click > Choose ‘Save Link As’



  • Paper Peace
    Paper Peace was an arts and heritage project Ideas Test was a partner on in 2018 & 2019. Conceived and delivered by Emergency Exit Arts (EEA), It had three distinct phases:  The Peace Poem, the Young Producers Programme and Blink: was a touring installation that came to Sheerness in December 2019.
    Case Study written by François Matarasso
    Paper Peace Evaluation – François Matarasso.pdf (2.3MB)


    Part of Live Arts Development Agency (LADA) DIY programme, in which people working in Live Arts run workshops and sessions for fellow artists.
    Ideas Test supported artist Stacy Makishi in her online ‘Live Art Social (Distance) Club’ sessions in late 2020.
    LADA DIY – Evaluation.pdf (1.8MB)



  • Sea Folk Sing – Year Two
    A project, funded by Arts Council England and The Baring Foundation for local heritage based folk music and choral pieces with and for people aged 55+.
    Evaluation by Patricia (Trish) Vella-Burrows
    Sea Folk Sing Report Year 2.pdf (4.7MB)








  • The ID Project (2015)
    Project to encouraging young women in Medway to writing and
    challenge the lack of female influence in the performing arts
    The ID Project (2015).pdf (592 KB)



Some of these case studies can also be found on Culturehive’s website, along with other resources and case studies from arts and culture organisations.