Audience Survey results for Ideas Test

You might remember a flurry of social media activity last month, asking you to complete our Audience Survey – many thanks to all of you who helped us out with that. Evaluating the success of what we’re doing is vital if we are to learn from what works and doesn’t work, adapting as we develop the programme and to prove our worth from our funders and supporters.

The top three things our survey respondents said attracted them to attending any event were:

  1. Learning something new
  2. Doing it as part of the community
  3. Participatory activity

More specifically, the survey found that 71% of respondents thought that local arts provision in Swale & Medway was insufficient, implying that there is an unmet appetite for the arts in the area. Whilst 91% of respondents, identified as low engagers with the arts, who came to an Ideas Test supported event then went on to seek out and attend a second arts event as a result. Based on the cumulative effects of this level of change, if we continue our programme, Swale & Medway would no longer be in the bottom 20% for arts engagement by 2020.

An additional Audience Agency postcode analysis (see diagram below) carried out around the same time as our Audience Survey shows that we have reached a representative cross section of all audience segments that exist in Swale & Medway. This means that we have already been able to demonstrate our ability to reach across the whole population and can prove that we can and do engage the audience segments of the population that we are now targeting.

audience survey