Arts to Arburound

DGSM yourChoice won funding in round 3, to introduce experimentation and experience in the arts for adults with learning difficulties.

Richard Jefferies began work as the  Artist in Residence at Arburound, based in Gillingham, on September 1st and will be working with DGSM for twelve weeks.

Activities include:

Week 1                 Still Life Drawing – Teddy Bears (Various media)

Week 2                 Painting Tress & Leaves (Watercolour and acrylics)

Week 3                 Casting & Clay (Plaster mold with plasticine and clay coils)

Week 4                 Pastel drawing  – animals (Pastels)

Week 5                 Faces (Various media)

Week 6                 Music

Week 7                 Collage ‘Mixing it up’ (Various Media)

Week 8                 Beside the seaside (Glue sand and shells)

Week 9                 Own Choice (Painting/drawing)

Week 10               Commence final collaborative piece

Week 11               Final Project continuation

Week 12               Finishing up – assemble and display the final collaborative work

Additionally, there may be a sculpture trail one evening or weekend, subject to the weather, which will use recycled items from the garden areas.

The whole ‘Artist in Residence ‘ Project is doing really well and is being thoroughly enjoyed by all in the group:

“I’ve learnt how to draw this week”

“I like to paint with my hands best” 

“Art is fun”

“I like the feel of the clay and it is easy to use” 

“I am really pleased with my work today”    

The Day Services Operation’s Manager is very pleased with the way the project is progressing and the way that Richard has engaged with the group. Ideally, DGSM would like to carry on providing art after the end of this funding, as it has brought so much to the group. In addition to all the art pieces themselves and the process to produce them, it has improved individual confidence, speech, personal dexterity  and an enthusiasm for Art as a whole.