You Me Us 2021: an outside space – Sophie Stone

In March 2021, a community panel chose artist Sophie Stone to be one of 4 artists to lead groups for our You Me Us 2021 project.

an outside space is about thinking beyond the inside of our homes and to see the beauty of the outdoors that we see every day. an outside space is a project that encourages people to engage with the outdoors and to share these experiences creatively. The past year has been incredibly difficult and one way that I have coped is by doing this activity every day, and I am grateful to be able to share this with others.”

Sophie Stone


an outside space sessions

an outside space was a project about connecting with the outdoors, alone or together, be it in nature, looking out of a window, in a garden, on a balcony, queueing outside a supermarket, or walking down the street.

People shared their experiences of outside spaces through creative activities. This included drawing, painting, photography, audio recordings, video, stories, descriptions, and poetry.

They then sent these to Sophie by email, social media, post, or by sharing them on our You Me Us Facebook Group.

The focus of an outside space was to think beyond the inside of people’s homes and to see the beauty of the outdoors that people see every day.

Sophie helped those taking part with prompts and ideas for what to look for and what to do. She also managed group sessions for people to connect and share their experiences of where they live.

an outside space – the film

Sophie has created a short film that shows some of the contributions of the people who took part.

The contributors in the film are;

  • Chloe Collins
  • Mei Joan Guyll
  • Lisa Harfleet
  • Heather Lewis
  • Karen Saunders

You can watch the video below (captions available)

• See some of the contributions to an outside space on social media: search #YouMeUsOutside

About Sophie

Visit Sophie’s website and find out more about her work:

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