Our Vision

We work to create a vibrant arts ecology in Swale and Medway that involves the full diversity of local communities and brings new opportunities to celebrate the area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable and support communities to live more creative lives.
To do this Ideas Test works to:

  • Encourage productive partnerships and sustainable networks that support community cohesion and ongoing creative development
  • Enhance the quality of people's lives using collaborative commissioning and co-creation models to inspire, empower and celebrate the rich diversity and history of the area
  • Remove barriers to participation in a creative life, regardless of class, economic background, race, sexual orientation, neurodiversity or disability of any kind
  • Develop the creative workforce and the potential of individuals as artists, participants and organisations.

Ideas Test is an Action Research Project. This means we research and try different projects and ways of working so that other people in the arts, and beyond, can learn from what we're doing.

Here you can find out how we plan projects using a Story of Change, how we find out how they did through Evaluation, what we learn with our Case Studies, and read our current Business Plan.


We're doing the project or event.

The changes we want to make on those who take part, the local community and how that ties into our overall vision of Ideas Test.



we're going to do.

The activities, the workshops, all the events that make up the project.



We work with.

This section focuses on the people who we'll work with. From people taking part in workshops or going to events, to workshop leaders, partner organisations, funders and sponsors, people are an important part of all our projects.


We do this

This is the part where we decide what we're going to do and what we need to do it. This can range from planning workshops to finances.

Our Own Story of Change

We even have a Story Of Change on Ideas Test overall which you can read here

Our Business Plan

We even have a Story Of Change on Ideas Test overall which you can read here

Our People

We're more than just this team meet our extended family.

Our Board & Consortium

Read more

How we work

This is our process for planning and working on projects.

Our Process

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Our Story

Find out more about our history and how - and why - we started Ideas Test.

Links & Resources

We've gathered together some useful links to other projects, websites and information.