A small experiment wrapped in Blankets

Artist Nicola Flower is working with a group from the Sittingbourne Blind Fellowship, embroidering, weaving and embellishing domestic blankets.

 The group of older women, who are blind or visually impaired in some way, work collectively on large pieces of textiles combining small intimate patterns and large scale manipulation of fabric.


Nicola says: “The making of these textiles pieces is a reminder of  old skills, maybe not used in a long time. Immersing oneself in the process of ‘making’ is to enjoy the repetition and rhythm, to loose track of time and contribute to the group activity and sense of community.

“The  process of ‘making’ the textiles is more important than the outcome, and a small film showing the ongoing work will be exhibited along side the ‘Blankets’ exhibition at the Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, in June.”

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If there is anybody else in the Sittingbourne area who would like to be involved with the project, they would be most welcome. Please contact Nicola via email nicola@nicolaflower.co.uk.