Start Up Slam 2017

Start Up Slam Job Club is a 2-week summer school running from 24th July – 4th August at Ideas Test.

Funded by Kent County Council, it aims to engage young people aged 14 -16 with creative entrepreneurship.

Using creative methodologies and practices drawn from drama and storytelling, young people will learn soft skills and help to generate ideas for what they might like to pursue in the future.  The Young People will learn team-building and confidence boosting techniques from Freya Briley and discover how visual communication methods can aid and support their learning from Molly Fuller Abbott.  A DIY music session led by locally-based music professional Kevin Grist will help them to tune into their musical talents and street artist Gregg Stobbs will introduce them to the wonders of street art and graffiti.  An introduction to film making techniques will be led by the talented Gordon Lamont, who worked for the BBC and the wonderful Strangeface puppet team will let them explore the magic that puppetry and puppet making can produce.

The programme is designed to motivate and stimulate interest and to develop practical transferable skills which will increase young people’s employability skills and improve their life chances.  Each young person will be assigned a personal mentor who will support and guide them through their journey.

During the 2 weeks, presentations will be given by members of the Ideas Test team to give participants a real-life insight into the diverse job roles within one arts organisation and give them the opportunity to ask questions about the different roles.

The project aims to enhance cognitive ability, boost confidence, stimulate curiosity as well as helping to improve communication skills, teamwork and perseverance through the 2-week programme.

The programme is for 10 young people, aged 14 – 16.  It is FREE and participants will receive FREE food and refreshments throughout.

Applicants can apply online using this form

Please email for further information.