Arts Award

Arts Award is an inspiring way to get young people, up to the age of 25, to develop their leadership skills through the arts, and also receive official certification. There are five levels of certificates; Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The UCAS Tariff for Gold is 16.

Greg Stobbs teaching 6th form students spray painting skills as part of Bronze Arts Award project. Photo: Frances Chiverton
Greg Stobbs teaching 6th form students spray painting skills as part of Bronze Arts Award project
Photo: Frances Chiverton

Taking part in Ideas Test’s regular activities and events at No. 34 can contribute towards gaining an Arts Award qualification.

  • Take part in arts activities (Discover, Explore and Bronze), i.e. attending weekend workshops or musical events like Disquiet, Open Mic nights, etc.
  • Go to an arts event (Bronze and Silver), i.e. attending any exhibition at Ideas Test– self or guided tour of No. 34
  • Meet the artists (Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold), i.e. Q & A with artists, workshops led by artists
  • Find out about an artist (Discover, Explore and Bronze) Q&A with artists, workshops with artists or utilize downloadable worksheets linked to artist’s work
  • Provide space for a celebratory event (Explore – present and Bronze – skills share) use of No. 34 Ideas Test venue for an event
  • Volunteering opportunities (Bronze, Silver and Gold). If a volunteer wants to run a summer holiday club or if an under 25 members of staff can work towards this (to develop their Arts experience)
  • Attend a whole day workshop (Discover, Explore and Bronze) i.e. WEA workshops.
  • Arts inspiration and go to an arts event (Bronze), (Silver – arts event and part of arts research), (Gold- part of research and review), i.e. take part in Arts Award project, like Disquiet.
  • Find out about an organisation (all levels), i.e. school assembly, carry out some research or community presentation about Ideas Test

For more information about Arts Award please visit their website:

Why not download our Discover Arts Award Worksheet below and have a go yourself.