We’ll show you how to make an 8 page foldy zine or show us if you have the know how!
We’ll bring the photocopier and paper.  You bring the ideas, images & words.. put them together to create your own Zine.
We’re channeling kindness that week at no.34 but you can choose your own theme to draw, write, cut, paste & share with the world.
Make one Zine to keep and one to display.
£1 gives you unlimited access to our materials + our support.

Whodunnit Writing Workshop

Develop your Detective instincts at this create a crime story writing workshop. Using clues found around No34, see if you can create a story and solve the crime!

Scikus – Science Haikus Poetry Drop-In

Use our microscope and magnifying lenses to give yourself inspiration for writing haikus – short, three line poems that follow a particular form. Just look at a magnified image and use what you see as the inspiration for your haiku. 

Round Six round-up emphasizes creative diversity in Swale and Medway

Dance for the disabled and a foray into the natural world are just two of the latest innovative projects funded by Ideas Test. Small Experiments Deborah Cottingham – ‘Late Developers’ Inspired by two of our Community Catalyst projects, Siobhan Timoney’s ‘Neighbours’ and Mary Eddowes’s ‘Soup Festival’, residents at The Almshouses in Faversham will prove to… Continue Reading