Singing for Musical Theatre

Inspired by movies like The Greatest Showman or the theatre phenomenon Hamilton?
Try Musical Theatre out at this free workshop for all abilities.

Composing Music for an Orchestra

Interested in making orchestral scores for film, games or theatre?
Learn how composers build parts for orchestra sections including string, woodwind, brass and percussion.
You’ll be working with a live string player and experimenting on keyboards to create new music for a video game.

Creating Music For Film

Interested in making soundtracks for YouTube videos or games? We’re experimenting with keyboards and tablets to create our own music to film clips. Learn how composers use techniques to affect things like mood, pace and genre. If you are keen to gain skills in the creative industries, this workshop is for you!

@futureCodersSE – Coding Workshops for 16-24s

16 to 24 and want to learn coding? No.34 is hosting @futureCodersSE’s introductory 6-week workshops, where you can learn how to programme Alexa – the voice system developed by Amazon for their products Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, and much more.

Start Up Slam 2: Exam and Revision Skills with Freya Briley

Start Up Slam 2 is a week-long half term programme running from 13th – 16th February 2018 at No. 34 in Sittingbourne, and is aimed at engaging young people aged 14 -16 with creative entrepreneurship.
In this session, led by Freya Briley, you’ll learn skills, tips and tricks to help you during your exams, including dealing with revision, stress and self-care.